Boundless – The Terracotta Warriors

2 days out with a Boundless team as they visited the Terracotta Warriors exhibition in Liverpool followed by a tour on the Manchester Ship Canal, here is the images chosen to accompany the feature. Agency: Immediate Media

Joan Murray

More of Joan’s fabulous hand knitted creations, modelled by Joan herself looking fabulous as ever. Always such fun and impromptu shoots, we allow what will happen to happen and always end up with something lovely.

Scotland, the golden hour

The swell forcast was solid for this special but fickle section of Scottish coast line, but how long would it last? Always a gamble! A last minute dash to fill the van and set off. I only just made it, it turned out to be the last of the swell …

Spanish surf trip

An impromtu trip to Spain, searching for surf, but finding so much more. Great company, inspiring people. Fun times with Leah, Johannes and Louis the dog.      

Madeline Rose

I recently developed a film that must have been in the camera at least 2 years as my lovely friend Maddy is now 5 and at school, how time flies!    

Isle of Skye Sea Salt

Walnut magazine issue 4 features a story about solar evaporated sea salt from Scotland, in a beautiful loch side location on the Isle of Skye, it was a pleasure to visit Nanette and Rob Muir witness all stages of the preparation, the article was written by my business partner Steffen …

Kite Flyer

The children of Sri Lanka make do with what they have, as a culture they mend and re-use, something I find an admirable trait. This little boy has made his own kite out of a plastic bag, coconut coir rope and bamboo canes. The bag is wrapped aound the canes …